While you are releasing the tension from your body, let us also release the impurities from your system. Our luxurious body treatments will stimulate and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it silky smooth and basking in a youthful glow.


Aromatic Beauty Facial

Essential oils adapted to your specific needs are applied with a soothing massage that combines digital pressure, reflexology and shiatsu techniques. This facial has no extractions.

50 Minutes: $110

Organic European Facial

100% natural products are customized just for you. This facial includes steam and extractions (if needed) with a soothing massage that combines digital pressure, lymphatic techniques, and a mask to treat your skin.                              

50 Minutes: $120 / *80 Minutes: $165

Maple Facial

Add to your Vermont experience and bring your skin to life with the rich natural compounds found in the sap of the Maple tree. In this version of the European facial, these compounds deliver antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that repair, ultra-moisturize and soften your skin.

50 Minutes: $120 / *80 Minutes: $165

Honey-Almond Facial

Almonds and oats exfoliate, and honey naturally moisturizes. This version of the European facial leaves your skin super clean and smooth.

50 Minutes: $120 / *80 Minutes: $165

Anti-Redness Facial

Gentle from start to finish for those with ultra sensitive skin. Plant extracts and a cold marble massage are tools to soothe irritated skin in this unique calming facial.

50 Minutes: $120 / *80 Minutes: $165

Busy Day Facial

A mini facial to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.

25 minutes: $60

Delightful Back Facial

A deep cleansing and relaxing treatment for an often neglected part of the body. Includes all steps of a facial, plus it ends with a back massage and emollient cream that leaves your skin radiant and glowing.

50 minutes: $120

Maple Sugar Polish

Uncover smooth glowing skin with this gentle exfoliation. The aroma of pure Vermont maple will fill the room while your skin enjoys this sweet, rich polish that will leave your skin soft and smooth.

50 Minutes: $125

Citrus Body Exfoliation

This invigorating body treatment combines the use of citrus massage oils and Chinese herbs. The treatment finishes with a super

50 Minutes: $125

Seasonal Specials

Cranberry, Pumpkin or Chocolate all designed to re-hydrate your skin. These treatments are combined with a relaxing Swedish Massage.

50 Minutes: $125 / 80 Minutes: $165



*If you want more time to relieve stress, add an extra 30 minutes to your 50 minute facial and not only will your face neck and shoulders be massaged, but also your scalp, hands and feet. Extra massage time allows more time for nourishing products to be absorbed.