Where does your tension lie? Let our highly trained staff of massage therapists use their healing hands to melt away the tension from your body. All your worries will dissipate with the therapist’s touch as they perform these body-balancing treatments.


Swedish Massage

Gentle strokes loosen tight muscles, stimulate blood circulation, and stretch connective tissue, while decreasing muscle fatigue and improving range of motion.

50 Minutes: $120 / 80 Minutes: $165

Deep Tissue

Designed to release chronic muscle tension, this massage uses firm strokes with more direct pressure applied across the grain of the muscles.

50 Minutes: $130 / 80 Minutes: $180

Maternity Massage

Designed to nurture the expectant mother and baby, pregnancy massage techniques relax and relieve the unique stresses and strains experienced during pregnancy.

50 Minutes: $120

Hot Stone Therapy

This treatment stimulates vital energy flow and helps melt away stress
& stiffness. Heated stones are strategically placed on the body, and the
distribution of heat releases chronic muscle tension and increases blood circulation.

50 Minutes: $130 / 80 Minutes: $180

Mountain Stone Massage

This ultimate treatment combines the therapeutic benefits of a full hot
stone therapy followed by a 30 minute deep tissue massage.

110 Minutes: $195

CranioSacral Therapy

Very gentle touch releases restrictions in the craniosacral system, improving the functions of the central nervous system. This treatment has
been proven beneficial for those who suffer from TMJ, migraines, and chronic neck and back pain.

50 Minutes: $115

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® (Barefoot Massage)

Ashiatsu is a Japanese term. The root word “Ashi” means foot and “atsu” means pressure. This massage is an ancient form of bodywork. Very deep, relaxing and soothing strokes are applied by the therapist while supporting themselves with bars suspended from the ceiling.

50 Minutes: $125

Woods Signature Massage

Having trouble deciding which massage you want? Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone all in one. The ultimate massage experience

80 Minutes: $195